Valoriser et Améliorer les Ressources et l'ENvironnement des QUArtiers de Guinaw Rail

Presentation of Waranka GR Association
Waranka GR Association (receipt n° 02421 GRD) was set upon May the 29th 2004 in to contribute actively in the development of Guinaw Rail which is in the commune of Pikine (Dakar-Sénégal)



W.GR is set up to:

a) Promote the improvement of the population living conditions and environment

b)  Restore harmony and solidarity among people

c) Pick up the minds by strengthening people’s capacity of analysis and their know-how

d) Participate in all development policies concerning our district in particular and throughout the town in general, priorily in the environment, health and education fields.

 Concerned area

The activities of Waranka GR are limited within the two communes (south and north Guinaw-Rail). However the association can collaborate with NGOS and others bodies located out of this area.


The association organs are:

fleche The Generate Assembly which the paramount and orientation organ It is formed by all the members of the association.

fleche The Administrative Council which makes decisions. It shall be elected for 2 years and is renewable once.

fleche The Bureau which is the executive organ.  A long with the Administrative Council it is in charge of administering the association for 2 year and supported by there (3) units.

fleche The Female Unit

fleche The Over Sixties Unit

fleche  The Youth Unit


 Our activities are mainly dominated by health, environment and education but we happen to work in the social and cultural fields.

Many projects have been achieved since the creation of the association.

fleche A reforestation programme which enable us to plaint round 600 fruit and forest trees

fleche Development of a malaria programme with impregnated mosquitoes net donation with support of Senegal Amerca Project

fleche Setting up an antenna to fight againts diabetes and support diabetes sufferrers

fleche Supervising the young by helping sportive and cultural associations and creating female units.

fleche Developing a teaching to read and write programme for non-educated women

fleche Developing a computer science training programme

fleche Inauguration of a district library.

fleche Placing statutory garbage cans at people disposals.

fleche A programme of various donations ( medical materials for hospitals, books for association school, second hand clothes for “daaras” (quranic school) and families in need

fleche Implementing actions to fight against the floods in Guinaw Rail

fleche Opening a primary school to increase education infrastructures in shortage in Guinaw rail.


The association belongs to the Coordination Committee for the Development of Guinaw Rail (CCD/G.R) which federates all the basic community organisations (B.C.O), female associations and sportive and cultural associations (S.C.A) located in north and south Guinaw Rail

At national level our main partners are majors of the two communes north Guinaw Rail and south Guinaw Rail.

We also work with NGOS such as 

fleche ASTOU


fleche THE LUDLOW CORPS OF RLMS, Fairfield, CT




Our God mother: Waranka BA

Waranka BA was a woman who invested all her energies for development in the early occupation of Guinaw Rail. She settled down this slummy district which originated from the clearing of Dakar and the growth of the rural exodus in the 1970’s. Of course in neither basic infrastructures nor urban services could be found in the district in those days.

Young kids had to cross the rail roads or the high way in other words they had to go a long way to fetch knowledge. For medical cares too people would go toward hospitals which were mainly located in Pikine. Having access to drinkable water was classed as utopia so people would get water from wells otherwise they would go a long way, put it this way: behind the rail roads.

The then prevailing situation which was an obvious sign of poverty couldn’t leave a women like “mere Waranka” (mother Waranka) indifferent,” Mum WARANKA” so we, young people in those days, used to call her.

In political parties, communal associations and ”Mbootay” (association for development), she had always acted as an unrivalled leader by blowing an extraordinary dynamism, and clear vision in the projects for the improvement of the population of Guinaw Rail’s living conditions and environment.

Thanks to her devotion to the cause of basic development and her desperate struggle for sustainable development Guinaw Rail has obtained its present collective equipments and basic urban services. Besides some of them such as the well-known Waranka market, some fountains, services, etc., are named after her.

From the then and still beloved mother who passed away in the morning of October the 18th 2003 after a brief illness, we took the flag and are determined to keep it flying by continuing tirelessly the fight for the development of our district and a better environment; because we do know that there are still many challenges yet to pick up.

  From now on her name will be inherently linked with our whole philosophy and vision.